Starter—UI Kit & Design System

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Starter—UI Kit & Design System

8 ratings

The fastest and easiest way to design landing pages in Figma.

Starter is the byproduct of 20 years experience designing websites.

After spending countless years recreating the same components over and over again, we wanted to create the ultimate starting point for any design project.

We've created a design system from the ground up saving you up to 80% design time. This gives you the opportunity to level up as a designer and take on more design projects at once.

  • 2k+ components and variants
  • Support for components properties (announced 2022 Figma Config)
  • Meticulously crafted with Auto Layout 4.0
  • Free updates for life

With Starter you have:

  • A professional design system built from the ground up.
  • A meticulously crafted collection of website components—mobile included.
  • Over 2k icons at your finger tips.
  • 500+ global styles to customise to fit your brand.
  • A scalable typography system.
  • WCAG 2.1 accessible colour system.
  • Various examples of landing pages.

With Starter you can:

  • Kickstart any design project in a flash.
  • Mockup high-quality websites in minutes, not weeks.
  • Handle more design projects at once.
  • Level up as a designer.

Quality is rare.

We created Starter as a necessity. We've experimented with many design systems and UI kits in the past, but they almost always lack in some way or another.

This is where Starter comes in, it's meticulously crafted and designed to be as unopinionated as possible. We give you all the tools to get started and design beautiful websites, but it's up to you to add a personal touch.

This gives you the power to create a new design every single time.

★★★★★ — "Some of the best 70 bucks I've ever spent, and listen… I'm not usually the kind of guy who is using icon packs and templates and stuff but this is just so well made."

★★★★★ — "I sat in my chair absolutely stricken by how easily I could mock up almost any business idea in 10x less time. It felt DIRTY GOOD. Like a cheat code."

Questions? Support?

If you have any questions, we're always here to help.


This product is not currently for sale.

Starter is the ultimate starting point for any Figma design project. The clue is in the name—save thousands of design hours.

Lifetime updates
Component properties
Auto Layout 4.0
Components and variants
Global styles
Icons and logos
Within 24 hours
71.3 MB


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